Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Recap #16

Do I ever have a week that's not a busy week? I do love it - and thrive on the craziness - but it does make for one tired mama at the end of the week. Just in time to do it all over again the following week. Lol

Monday was a tough day for me. I started working from home (which I'll do for the next two weeks) before I go back to the office full-time. Just two weeks left. How did we get here so fast? When I was having the babies it seemed like it was so far away, and here we are, 14 days before I'll be back on the train headed downtown. I try not to think about it, because I'll just get depressed, but now that the day is looming I can't NOT think about it, ya know? I did have a lot of emails to start going through though. The number was over 7,000, but I took the pic after I checked some already. Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me these next two weeks.  My days of feeding babies in jammies all day are coming to an end. And I'm sad.

Brayden has his good days with the babies, and he also has really, really bad days. Today, thankfully, was a very good day. Brayden was begging to feed one of the babies, so of course I let him. I love how he says really cute and encouraging things to them while he's feeding. "Come on, drink up, baby." "You're doing great." "Almost done. Good job!" It's the cutest thing.

Brayden also went back to Cubbies at church. Cubbies, for those that don't know, is for preschoolers ans is part of the Awana Clubs children's ministries where kids sing songs and play games, all while learning about Jesus. It's a lot of fun! One of the other kids' moms told me a story a few weeks ago about how her son, Freddy, was asking when Brayden was going to "get better" and return to Cubbies. Freddy thought Brayden "must be REALLY sick" because he hadn't been to Cubbies in weeks (10 weeks to be exact). I thought it was so cute how he was wishing for Brayden to get well enough to come. Someone - other than family - cared about my son. And my heart swelled. And Brayden had a great time back.

Tuesday was a very special day for me. It was my oldest daughter's birthday - and she turned 17!!! We had lots of fun celebrating as a family. First, she wanted to go out to dinner with just me (awww!). I'd like to think it was because she just wanted to hang with her dear ol' (literally) mom, but the real reason was because she knew hat I'd have more money to splurge on her gift if we didn't have to buy dinner for our immediate or extended family. Teenagers!

We went to Bien Trucha in Geneva and had a good time. Despite all the reviews I've read, both the food AND the service left much to be desired and I was very disappointed. Ah well, live and learn. I enjoyed talking with my daughter though, and enjoying some one-on-one time with her on her birthday.

I also made her birthday cake at home - for the first time. We usually pick up a cake at Jewel or Meijer when it is someone's birthday - even when we have a party for them on the weekend with another cake from Sam's Club or something. I decided I wanted to start a new tradition and make everyone's cake for their actual birthday. I should get better at it every year - because I know this year's looked a little weak - but the cake was so good and we all agreed that it was so much better than store bought.

In totally unrelated news, I love the way Payter looks at me! That boy thinks I'm the bee's knees and I feel like the luckiest girl alive to get to be his mom.

Jazz also got a delivery of the most beautiful flowers from my sister. The green balls remind me of Truffula Trees from the Lorax movie. Lol. They are so unique and I love the arrangement. (They're from Floral Excellence in South Elgin.)

Here's my whole gang - minus the hubby who had to be at work.

On Wednesday we did a whole lotta nothing. Which was perfectly ok by me! The twins woke up super happy which was so fun!

When I was looking through my pictures for ones to use in this week's post, I found out what happens when you leave your phone unattended and your 5-year-old knows exactly how to use it (you can use the camera without a PIN). Turns out, you get pictures like this:

And you get weird selfies.

And what good is stealing Mommy's phone without a pic of the bathroom floor?!?! There's about 50 pics just like this too, of various parts of the house. Oh Brayden.

Thursday was another sad day. I drove back to the hospital where the twins were born to return the breast pump I was renting.

It was bittersweet returning to the place where my babies started their life and I was flooded with memories of our time there. I actually teared up when the elevator doors opened and someone got on from the NICU floor.

After I dropped off the pump, Brayden and I headed over to my sister's house for dinner (I totally invited myself because I was in the area. Sistas can do that). While there, something on her table reminded me of I game I love, love playing - MONOPOLY at Jewel! As soon as I left I had to stop at Jewel to do some groceries and get in on the action! Think I bought enough?

I came home to my gorgeous babies waiting for me. BTW - they both love the mobile in the crib and I'm in search of another one (does not have to be the same) for when they start sleeping in their own cribs. So if you have one, let me know!

Friday started off kinda slow and just hanging out with the babies.

I tried for another photoshoot, and this is what I got. Again.

And when Peytie is crying, Brayden is NOT happy. Notice him in the background with his noise-cancelling headphones?

On Friday night I also volunteered to set-up the spring resale for one of the twins clubs I'm a member of. As I mentioned last week, I am ALL ABOUT THE RESALE now, and I love helping getting them ready too. The deals you get at these sales are truly amazing.

I even baked these spring cookies to sell at our bake sale, where the proceeds went directly to another family of multiples in need. (And I'm happy to report that ALL my cookies sold! YAY!)

The next day (Saturday), was the day for the general public to shop the resale but I couldn't volunteer early in the morning because these two kept me up most of the night.

I did come in later though to help with clean-up and tallying up the totals.

I also made this week's recipe, Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad, on Saturday. I took this pic Saturday night so it looks super yellow, but the actual salad was not super-yellow, and it was actually super-yummy! I haven't really tried a recipe off my Pinterest boards that I haven't liked, aside from the goat cheese scrambled eggs that I made.

Sunday was Palm Sunday and we spent the morning at church. The kids took the stage at the end to sing a song, but with Brayden's extreme sensitivity to noise, he opted out of the stage time. Instead, we hung out in the hallway with my sister and niece and took a selfie. Naturally, of course!

Lauryn was feeling particularly smiley this afternoon at home.

I could also mention here that I think I have a problem. I am 100% addicted to Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (from 3pm - 6pm). I will rush out of the house at 5:45pm in order to get there while iced coffees are still $1.00. I have left the house in pajamas to go through the drive-thru. It's bad, people!

In twin news, it dawned on me today that Peytie is drooling an awful lot. Whenever I pick him up he leaves lots of wet marks on my shoulder, and he always has saliva bubbles on his mouth. Can't be teething yet, right? Why else would he be drooling so much?

I also noticed that Lauryn loves to look at the tops of the curtains. She immediately calms down if she notices the curtains while in the middle of a tantrum. That's what she's doing in this picture too. It's the craziest thing. Who would've thought - curtains of all things!

That's it for my gang this week. 'Till next Monday!

Weekly Workouts:

How did this whole week fly by without any workouts?!?!

Weekly Goals:
  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. No.
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. No.
  • Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. And no.
Keeping the same goals for next week again.

Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Not only do I need to login, but I need to stay under my calorie goals.

Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. My ultimate goal is to work out five days a week, but I'm starting off slow with just three times for a few weeks.

Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. I basically drink coffee all day long (I have to keep up with these twins!) Water is so important so I need to make sure I meet my daily goals.

I'll let you know if I completed any next week!


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