Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekly Recap #15

I have a feeling I'm going to be really late with this one! I keep meaning to write this post a little bit every day, but here I am at 4:30pm on Monday, trying to cram a week's worth of goings on into one little post. I'm gonna try to get this done at some point today. Here goes!

Monday was a beautiful day. We've been lucky with a few mild temp days and I was itching to get Brayden outside. Brayden, on the other hand, flat out refused. That's Brady for ya! We'll try again tomorrow.

Monday was DINO-MITE!

Well, DINO-Feet, anyway!

Here's me and my little princess. I'm wearing my daily uniform, by the way. A ROBE! All day, errry day!

It was almost 70 degrees on Tuesday! I wasn't taking NO for an answer so I forced Brayden outside - and I took Peytie with me! The babies never leave the house, so I was happy to give Peyton some fresh air. I would have taken Lauryn with me too, but she was sleeping. You snooze, you lose...literally. But we had the windows open all day, so it was like both of the twins hung out outside, right? RIGHT?!?!

On Tuesday, the treadmill I ordered was delivered. WOO HOO! Buuuuutttt - it'll have to wait for another day because momma's goin' out tonight!

I can't wait till we mount a TV up on that wall!

My Stork club had dinner on Tuesday night and I was so happy that I was able to go. This group of ladies all have twins that are under two years old so I learn SO MANY THINGS each time I see them. This lady right here had her twins just one week before I had mine. We bonded real quick when we were pregnant!

Dinner was at the Claddagh Irish Pub in Geneva and I had the MASSIVE corned beef sandwich. For as much as I like to eat, even I couldn't finish it all!

I wore my new LulaRoe leggings to dinner, My family HATES them and swear that they will never be seen with me in public while wearing them. Unlucky for them, I march to the beat of my own drum and LOVE them. Don't wanna be seen with me? Don't go! Lol. What do you think of them?

On Wednesday the twins had their 2 month doctor's appointment. I'll share more on that later this week, but here's my obligatory office famsie!

They just had their vaccinations, and instead of comforting them, I'm taking selfies. PRIORITIES, people!!!
I will throw in some pics of smiley babies though, because, CUTENESS!

Brayden and I got in a treadmill workout too. I'm gonna have to sneak to the basement to workout because this boy follows me like a tail.

We chilled at home on Thursday and the twins just hung out. So of course I had to snap some pics of the babes.

On Friday I FORGOT to take any pics of the babies. BOO! I did hit up TWO twin resales and picked up a TON of stuff. Kinda makes up for my lack of baby faces.

I picked up all this for LESS THAN $100!!! I don't know why I never really heard about resales until I became pregnant with twins. I wish I had known about these sales with my other kids. Not everything is a great deal - some people want way too much $$$ for things, and other people try to sell old clothes with lots of stains - but finding Carters, Gymboree, or Gap Kids outfits for about A DOLLAR can't be beat.

I woke up on Saturday morning to this. Just goes to show how goofy Brayden is at home. He was serving breakfast at his "cafe". See how he set up the boxes around him to serve as his counter? Love that boy's imagination.

And the twins woke up in a fantastic mood too! It was a great morning.

Saturday was also Maple Sugaring Days at the Creek Bend Nature Center in St. Charles. Tis the season to tap those maple trees and there were lots of events going on this weekend and next weekend to highlight the making of maple syrup. I learned that the season only last 10-14 days, so time is of the essence to tap the trees for their sap. Another tidbit: it takes 40 GALLONS of sap to make just ONE gallon of maple syrup! See, I do some learning when I take the kids out and about too! We had a great time with friends during the event.
I made this week's new recipe on Saturday night: Three Cheese Zucchini Stuffed Lasagna Rolls. I had some help from Brayden & the hubby. I need to get them in the kitchen with me more often - it was fun!

And the lasagna rolls were the bomb too!

The twins went to church on Sunday! Well, we all went to church, but it was the first time the twins have been out for anything other than a doctor's appointment. Ever. I was so happy to be back in the land of the living and look forward to taking them out of the house more often. My husband asked me to wait 10 weeks before taking them out and I did. Now that we've hit that milestone, watch out world! Lauryn & Peyton will be out on the town!

That's my gorgeous niece photobombing in the background.

I also took the opportunity to take some pics of the twins since they were in their Sunday best. And can I just say, I LOVE getting them dressed in something other than a sleeper!!!

Have a good week!

Weekly Workouts:

Two this week - I walked on the treadmill on Wednesday and Thursday

Weekly Goals:
  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. No.
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. Almost - TWO! 
  • Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. And no.
Keeping the same goals for next week again.

Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Not only do I need to login, but I need to stay under my calorie goals.

Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. My ultimate goal is to work out five days a week, but I'm starting off slow with just three times for a few weeks.

Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. I basically drink coffee all day long (I have to keep up with these twins!) Water is so important so I need to make sure I meet my daily goals.

I'll let you know if I completed any next week!


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