Monday, July 11, 2016

Six Month Doctor Appointment

The twins had their six month doctor appointment last week! They haven't been since their four month appointment, so I was interested to see how much they've both grown in the last two months. I know Peytie certainly FEELS so much heavier, I was thinking 25 pounds or something.

I had lots of questions this visit, so it didn't go as fast as the last visit. One big difference this visit was that Peytie was actually happy throughout (except for when he got his shots, of course), and Lauryn was the fussy, crying one this time.

To make a long story short, Lauryn is doing just fine. She's a strong girl who is growing just as she's supposed to. There are some concerns, however, with Peyton. The big one for now is his head size. Not so much because of how big it is (Brayden's was almost the same size at six months, but he also wasn't born premature), but more because of the rate of growth. It's just growing too big, too fast. It could mean a lot of things, or it could mean nothing. I'm trying my hardest not to let my imagination run wild but, naturally, I consulted Google Doc and have driven myself wrought with worry.

Another concern for Peytie is the fact that he still has a little cough. STILL. I feel like he was born with this. Again, could mean something, could mean nothing.

Because of these issues, Peyton will have a head ultrasound on Wednesday, and an appointment with a pediatric ENT the following week. Any and all prayers/pixie duxt/good vibes/or whatever you believe in would be appreciated. My little guy can use all the help he can get (and momma too because I'm really, really sad and worried about it).

Overall we got through the appointment with only a few tears (babies, me, all around) and left the appointment ok. A family selfie was in order.

Their next pediatrician visit is at 9 months!

Lauryn Elizabeth

Weight: 17 lb 10 oz (75th percentile)  Gained 3 lb 3 oz since their four month appointment!

Height: 26.0" (51st percentile)

Head Circumference: 42.5 cm (56th percentile)

Peyton James

Weight: 19 lb 8 oz (82nd percentile) Gained 4 lbs 1 oz since their four month appointment!

Height: 26.0" (19th percentile)

Head Circumference: 45.8 cm (97th percentile)


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