Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Grocery Adventures: Kiwano Fruit

Do you ever wander around the grocery store and notice so many things you've never tried before? I do routinely, but have never picked up a foreign-to-me item before. And to be honest, if it wasn't for Brayden, I probably still wouldn't have. That boy has joined me in my quest to be healthier, and he is ALL IN! He works out with me just about everyday. He was also the one who wanted to start this little experiment.

While grocery shopping recently, he asked me what this spiky fruit was. I had no idea so, of course, he probably dubbed me "dumb mommy" and asked if we could try it. It wasn't a bad idea.

I decided to make this an educational experience, as well as a sensory one, so I asked him to describe the fruit to me first (and throughout our little adventure). It was a smooth, orange fruit with spikes (not sharp) all over it.

I had to look up how to eat it on YouTube (isn't it amazing the things we can learn on YouTube?) and it seemed easy enough. You cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the fruit inside. As you can see, the fruit inside is green with A TON of seeds. Very juicy, but it was almost impossible to separate the fruit from the seeds.

Before trying it, I had Brayden smell it and tell me what it smelled like. He said it smelled like it was going to be yummy. Lol

Now for the moment of truth...let's taste this thing!

Um...not exactly what you thought, huh?

My thoughts? It tasted like a cucumber, mixed with banana and kiwi. Definitely sweet, but too hard to eat around the seeds, or remove the seeds. I think you can eat the seeds, but they were too crunchy and did not taste good. I mean, look. How can you remove all those seeds?

Grocery Adventure #1 - not so great, but I am glad we tried it. Can't wait to see what else we find at the grocery store!


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