Friday, March 4, 2016

Things We Love: Mustela

When Brayden was younger - even weeks after he was born - he had horrible skin. I remember having to take him to a pediatric dermatologist at just 3 weeks of age for severe eczema and cradle cap. FOUR prescriptions later, and months and months of treatment finally cleared it up, but we dealt with skin issues pretty much from day one. So for regular baths, we ended up using Aveeno products on him because that brand seemed to be the only one that didn't cause his skin issues to flare up. The only problem for me was that the Aveeno products were unscented. And I like me a pretty-smelling baby.

I was afraid that we would have the same issues with the twins so I bought a bunch of Aveeno products before they were even born. Unscented, pretty basic products. Bleh.

So imagine my surprise when week after week goes by and these babies have almost perfect skin! Pfft...forget the Aveeno - bring on the scented babies!!!

Normally, I feel like Johnson & Johnson scented products are synonymous with baby smells. Your ovaries can't help aching when smelling J&J baby lotion. It's a fact. But when I started a baby registry (at either Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby - I can't remember which), I received some product samples to try. One of them being for Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion.


That's basically how I felt when I smelled this stuff. Best. Scent. Ever.

I lather this stuff on the twins daily (and I even use it myself). It's not thick, but it did clear up the baby scalies my twins had during their first few weeks of life. And I'm telling you - there is no better baby scent. This stuff is magic. I liked loved it so much, that I ended up buying the whole newborn baby gift set.

I love every single product in the gift set too. On days where I don't bathe them, I wipe them down with the PhysiObĂ©bĂ© cleaning fluid. I use the Hydro Bebe lotion daily. The Dermo-Cleansing gel is awesome at bathtime. And the foam shampoo for newborns is the best! I love, love, love this company. Don't believe me? You'll have to smell it for yourself!


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