Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Recap #12

It's funny how I always think that I don't do much, then when the end of the week rolls by, I check my pics from the week and realize that I was a heck of a lot more busy than I thought I was. This week was one of those weeks. I didn't do something everyday, but I did pack a lot into this week.

Here's looking at you cutie pie!
I love watching them in bed together. I know this stage won't last too much longer so I snap pics of this phase whenever I can.
Pretty girl
Handsome boy
On Wednesday I realized that Brayden had another case of cabin fever. He's been helping a lot (or as much as he can) with the twins, so I figured he could use a little treat. The library books were due so we made a trip there to pick out some new books, and then we headed out for one of his faves: froyo at Spirels

And then I came home to this adorableness. It was a good day.

On Thursday I had to take Peytie to Delnor Hospital for a hip ultrasound. I'll tell you all about that trip in another post later this week. Here's a preview though.

The rest of the day was spent chilling pretty much like this (Peyton is always crying).

On Friday I woke up to this gorgeous face, who gave me his first bonafide social smile. I went in to say "Good Morning!" and was greeted with a whole lot of this. Melts my heart!

I also take Brayden to OT on Fridays, and this week I decided to take him to get some gourmet popcorn on the way home. I've heard a lot of hype for Mama Lee's Gourmet Popcorn from friends and online, so I wanted to check it out for myself. 

The interior is pretty much what you see in the pic (no tables/chairs or anything), so you just go in to purchase your popcorn fix. They rotate over 70 specialty flavors every other day, along with selling their staples, the Chicago Mix and Elgin Mix. I took home a bag of Elgin Mix (caramel and white cheddar) and Bacon Cheddar. Both were outstanding. The bags didn't survive my house for two days. GONE! This place does not disappoint! So glad I stopped in.

I also visited my friend Sarah who recently added the gorgeous Amelia to her family. (CONGRATS, Sarah!!!) There's been a bit of a baby boom among my circle of moms over the last year. It makes me happy that the twins have a ready-made group of buddies already. 

And this is how the twins spent the rest of Friday.

I think Lauryn has a "thing" for beating up on her little brother!
Peytie FINALLY enjoyed a little bit of tummy time!
"Where's MY tummy time, Mommy???" LOL
We had a EPIC birthday party to attend on Saturday. Brayden's friend, Sammy, had a Star Wars themed party and it was so fun! There were even edible light sabers! Happy birthday, Sammy!!!

The only really fun thing we did on Sunday was bake this week's recipe, Soft and Chewy Lemon Cookies. They taste fantastic, but look nothing like the original picture. I followed the directions to the 'T' too! I'm glad they tasted alright, otherwise I would have had to chuck the whole thing - and Brayden loved helping me out with them.

Here are a few more pics of Sunday.

See, Lauryn cries too!

Weekly Workouts:

Beginner Boot Camp Workout -- Easy Toning & Low Impact Cardio Workout (20 minutes) I used 2 lb dumbbells

Low Impact Cardio and Toning Workout for Beginners (10 minutes)

Thursday: Zumba Workout #1 Custom Playlist (35 minutes) I really like Linda Edler's YouTube channel for dance workouts. She's so high-energy - but I did modify someof the moves so I wasn't jumping around so much.

Sunday: Day 2 - Stretch & Soothe - 30 Days of Yoga (35 minutes) The Day 1 routine was easy, but I don't think that's the case for the rest of the program.

Weekly Goals:

  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Sorta. I logged some calories into MyFitnessPal, but not all. My weight loss has stalled though so I need to make sure I'm eating better.
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. YES! Hoping I stick to this. 
  • Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. Not this week. Is this ever going to happen???
  • Goal #4: Write a post for my other blog. YES! Post was published today!
  • Goal #5: Send email to preschool director. Working on this one today.
Ok, but not great. I think I have yet to complete all my goals for the week. I really need to try harder.

Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Not only do I need to login, but I need to stay under my calorie goals.

Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. My ultimate goal is to work out five days a week, but I'm starting off slow with just three times for a few weeks.

Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. I can always spend more time in the basement. I have to get down there this week!

Goal #4: Write another post for my other blog. I know what I want to write about, I just have to do it.

Goal #5: Clean up the closet where all the baby stuff is. That closet is a nightmare...already! I need to get it back to normal.

I'll let you know how it went next week! I really want to tackle them all this week.


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