Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Recap #11

What a fun week! My husband and I actually got out of the house for a date night for Valentine's Day. Woo Hoo!!! Not every day was full of activity, but I do have my pictures!

On Monday we did absolutely nothing. For once I didn't have to leave the house for anything.
Lauryn actually likes tummy time!
My little love bug!
Peytie Pie is always so serious.
I went in to the OB's office for my 6 week postpartum checkup on Tuesday. Everything is all good! I even got to take these bibs home from the doc.

We hit another tearful milestone this week. On Wednesday we used the last Newborn diaper on Peyton. :( Even he has outgrown that tiny size. He's still in Newborn clothes, but I have a feeling that might change very soon. 
Peytie is just as serious during playtime. 
Baby feet 
Brayden is starting to enjoy being more helpful with the twins. He's a great big brother!
I also made my recipe of the week, Creamy Tortellini Soup. It was so much better than I expected, and very easy to make. This one is a keeper!

On Thursday I stepped out of the house on my own **GASP** for a hair cut! I won't lie though - I couldn't wait to get back home. Mostly for the kids, but also because I hate sitting in a salon (hair or nail) for any services. It's such a time suck, and I'm not exactly a patient person. Also, all I do is think of all the other, more productive, things I could be doing.
I look like a whale in this picture, but I'm so happy with my hair cut.
Jazz is with these babies so much, I probably have a few pictures of her with them every week.
Brayden has his OT on Fridays and, while totally not planned, I took him to a candy shop in St. Charles afterwards. He's been really good at home lately and I thought he deserved a little treat. Plus, I miss my alone time with him too. I heard about Rocket Fizz before, so when I passed it up on our way home I decided to stop in. Little did I know that it's part of a chain and they have lots of locations all over.

Brayden walked in and was blown away! I mean, what kid wouldn't be with all that candy?!?!

They had two bag sizes (small and large) that you could fill up to the top for a set price.

That's one happy little boy!

They had lots of old school throwback candy too, but it looks like their specialty is the soda that they make. Tons of flavor options.

They even had a bacon option and a buffalo wing flavor (which I was too much of a chicken to try).

The rest of the day was spent at home with the littles.
This girl loves playtime.
Channeling his inner Yeezy.
She is so chill and loves bathtime.
Check out those CURLS!!!
I also visited one of my good friends, Kristin, and her new baby boy. Pictures, you ask? Of course I forgot. He is a cutie though!

On Saturday my husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a date night to Altiro Latin Fusion in Geneva. I was so happy to get out of the house for dinner and cocktails. I felt like an adult again. And the food at Altiro was fantastic! It's a tapas-style restaurant and we had some steak tacos, pork belly tacos, and some sides. I also had a pineapple margarita which was really yummy, even if it was a bit spicy.

On the day before Valentine's Day I also dressed Peyton in a Halloween outfit...because that's how I do! LOL (It was also time for me to do a load of baby laundry. :)

Valentine's Day was on Sunday. I couldn't forget the family on V-Day so I gave them some chocolate treats and handmade cards.

Sunday also marked the return of The Walking Dead, and my husband and I are huge fans of the show. The mid-season premiere did not disappoint either!

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!!

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: Low Impact Cardio Workout- Beginner/Intermediate (35 minutes) I really liked this one! It certainly helps that I love me an English accent. ;)

Wednesday: Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners - Beginner Cardio & Toning Workout Routine (30 minutes) I didn't use dumbbells.

Saturday: Day 1 - Ease Into It - 30 Days of Yoga (35 minutes) The Day 1 routine was easy, but I don't think that's the case for the rest of the program.

Weekly Goals:
  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. YES! According to MyFitnessPal I've logged in for 23 days in a row! :) I'm not always under my calorie goal, but I am logging them.
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. YES! I'm starting off slow, but I did do three different YouTube videos this week. I like the new yoga program I found. 
  • Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. Not this week. Is this ever going to happen???
  • Goal #4: Write a post for my other blog. Nope. I have the post started, I just couldn't get it done this week.
  • Goal #5: Take Brayden to preschool both days he's supposed to go. Nope. My husband and I actually decided to pull him from the preschool program. He's already being homeschooled at a first grade level, so he was just attending preschool to socialize. He's missed so much that he would be going in again almost like a "new kid". I just don't want to do that to him.
Ok, but not great. I think I have yet to complete all my goals for the week. I really need to try harder.

Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Not only do I need to login, but I need to stay under my calorie goals.

Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. My ultimate goal is to work out five days a week, but I'm starting off slow with just three times for a few weeks.

Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. I can always spend more time in the basement. I have to get down there this week!

Goal #4: Write a post for my other blog. I have the post started, just have to finish it.

Goal #5: Send email to preschool director. Since we made the decision to pull him from the program, I need to let the school know. It was a really hard decision, but it's the right decision for us.

I'll let you know how it went next week! Aiming for 5 for 5!!!


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