Friday, February 5, 2016

Mail Call: Twinning Edition #2

I got some mail from a few more companies this week - one was a good one! I don't want to post the whole list of companies I contacted, because I'm not sure that all the offers are legit, but when I actually receive something from the companies I'll post all the details here. This is what came in the mail recently, along with the contact method I used.

You can see what I received last week HERE.

TOMY (Learning Curve Brands/The First Years)

I originally called their product support line at 1-800-533-6708 and I was given an email address to write to ( The email's subject line should be: Multiple Birth Program and I had to attach copies of the twin's birth certificates. The body of the email should include: Name, Address, and Phone Number. I received 2 sets of sippy cups and two teether rattles. This was a great surprise to receive!


I received some high value coupons for Gerber formula and food. I called 1-800-284-9488 and gave some basic information, including the twins' birthday.


Don't know why this company was on the list, because from what I can tell, they don't make any baby products. I called them anyway, at 1-800-598-1223, and received a coupon booklet in the mail.

Family Fun Magazine

I'm not really sure why I received this magazine, but hey, it's something else I received for free in the mail.

I'll let you know if I receive anything else in the coming weeks!


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