Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Baby Ultrasound

My twins were born at 34 weeks and 6 days, earning them their stay in the NICU. But Peyton, being breech or transverse for my entire pregnancy, also earned another "honor" - a hip ultrasound that had to be done between weeks 6 and 8 of age. Go Peytie! **GRR**

I scheduled the ultrasound at Delnor Hospital because it's actually much closer to my house than CDH (where they were born). Waking up that morning, I was nervous for Peyton because he does have the tendency to curl into you (which might be a spine thing, and not so much a hip thing) and he's also a screamer so any medical procedure is met with hesitation and foreboding on my end. I dreaded this appointment before it even began.

But as much as I didn't want to take him in, I knew it had to be done. So we were off to Delnor.

One of the first things I noticed about this hospital was how fancy it was. As soon as you walk in you're greeted with an expansive reception area and a grand piano! What hospital has a grand freakin' piano? Well, Delnor of course! Wish I got a pic of the reception area!

I did get a pic of the Outpatient Registration area though - it's almost just as fancy (minus the piano).

We registered and were taken in within 5 minutes. No joke! That just doesn't happen. In my experience, most hospitals have you waiting for a little while. Points to Delnor for making this a quick process.

The whole ultrasound was pretty fast too. I had to lay down next to Peytie to hold his leg bent and close to his body. The technician had him lie on one side, and then the other. I thought - FOR SURE - that putting the warm gel on his leg would send him over the edge. In fact, I braced myself for the noise. BUT NO! Not a peep out of that little guy. Proud (and relieved) mommy moment. When the tech stepped out of the room, it was time for some pics while we waited.

When the tech returned, she told us that she didn't need any other pictures and we were free to go. Such a quick appointment! The doc would call me within 48 hours with the results of the scan.

On the way home I was going to stop at Toys R Us to pick up a birthday present I needed to buy on my first solo trip out with Peytie, but of course he started wailing in his stroller after his appointment all the way to the car. Didn't feel like chancing it at a public. I did stop at the drive through, though, because of course I run on Dunkin'.

GOOD NEWS! The doctor's office called me the same day and said that little Peytie's hips are JUST FINE! Phew! I was afraid we'd have operations and therapies in our future, but at least not this time. I'm happy to report a great appointment with an equally great outcome.


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