Friday, February 26, 2016

Things We Love: Baby Breeza Formula Pro

It's been five years since I've taken care of a newborn and SO MUCH has changed since then (already!). Changes in baby products were expected from the time I had my first child in 1999, to when I had Brayden in 2010, but never did I think that some products would be so different from the time I had Brayden to the time I had the twins.

Case in point, the first product we're loving: the Baby Breeza Formula Pro.

No joke, this thing has changed my life, y'all!

I've been pumping breastmilk as much as I can, but already I can see that my supply is staring to decrease. My goal was always to have the twins drink breastmilk for 12 weeks, and I'm pretty sure we can make it to that long as I supplement with a couple of bottles of formula throughout the day (we are currently doing every other bottle).

We keep it in our room (where the babies are sleeping too) on my dresser.

I can't believe I raised two other kids without this thing! Whoever designed this thing is a genius! The Formula Pro makes a warm bottle, ready to feed the baby, in LESS THAN 15 SECONDS! Do you realize what a game changer that is?!?! No more waiting around to get the water at the right (warm) temp - the bottle will be ready and waiting in 15 measly seconds. Such a time-saver and baby-sanity saver. Parents are happy, babies are happy. Win-Win!!!

The company that manufactures the Formula Pro also sells a baby food maker and bottle sterilizer. I have a feeling that the baby food maker is a product that will make it's way to my house in the future.

So if you have a baby, and are using formula, I can't recommend this product enough! The price is a little high (around $150), but I promise you - it's worth every penny.


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