Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mail Call: Twinning Edition #1

I found a post online a few months ago about special discounts that companies offered for multiples. Lots of companies, like Pampers, Huggies, Similac, Gerber, and many others offer discounts and free products just because you had a multiple birth.


Too good to be true, right? I couldn't believe that companies would send me free stuff just because I had more than one baby.

Well, I was totally wrong. Turns out, certain companies do send out freebies specifically for multiple births.

I didn't want to post the whole list of contacts that I had, because I'm not sure that all the offers are legit, but when I actually receive something from the companies I'll post all the details here. This is what came in the mail recently, along with the contact method I used.

Dr. Browns

I called 1-800-778-9001 and all I had to do was give some basic information over the phone, including the twins' birthday. I received two full-sized bottles, along with two extra Stage 2 nipples.

Johnson & Johnson

I'm not sure why this one is considered a "Multiples Program", because I didn't receive doubles of anything. I did, however, receive an information booklet, along with $1.00 OFF coupons for Johnson & Johnson products. I called 1-800-526-3967 and basically gave the same basic information, including the twins' birthday.

I'll let you know if I receive anything else, but this was definitely a good start!


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