Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekly Recap #20

This week in (mostly) pictures.



I made these Cherry Dream Bars for Book Club. They were ok.. but nothing "dreamy" about them.

I took one baby to book club. How to choose, right?!?! It was actually pretty easy since Lauryn is such a crank sometimes. Peytie got to hang out with little Nate (who is sure to be one of his best buds one day since his mommy is one of mine)!

We read The Dinner by Herman Koch. (We'll, my friends read the book, I went for the food.) This was only the second book since we started book club that I didn't get to. Consensus on this one was that it was slow-moving at first then gets crazy-weird at the end. I still have it at home. I'll try to get to it when I finish The Accidental Tourist. I'm really not crazy about that one and am starting to skim through just to finish.


Brayden is really into kicking the ball around in front of the house. Me thinks I should probably buy an actual soccer ball now.


Lauryn got in her own Natey time on Thursday! She is such a little chunker but looks tiny compared to Nate (who is younger than her, by the way).


*Gasp* Could it be that my twins are finally starting to notice the other one???

Um, no. He just likes the flowers on her jammies. Lol

You know how I'm like a super-fan of resales now, right? Well, I decided to drive about 40 minutes away from home to visit the Bugaboo sale in Yorkville and I was...


There was a line to get in, but the offerings inside were not very impressive. And I thought it would be WAY bigger than it was. Granted, the sale was held in two buildings - one for clothes and one for other items like toys/strollers/etc., but the quality of the items was disappointing and some of the prices were outrageous for the condition it was in. Let's put it this way, I only spent $20. The least amount of money I have ever spent at a resale.


Did you know that Twin Conventions were a thing?

Yeah, me either. But they totally ARE!

I am a member of two twin clubs near me that fall under the umbrella of the Illinois Mothers of Twins Club (IMOTC) and there was a Spring Workshop on Sunday. I learned alot, but more importantly, met some GREAT people. I can't wait for the actual convention in October!

I even got this awesome t-shirt for donating to the state philanthropic - The Mighty Morenos!

And then I rushed home and made some Puerto Rican Soup. It was warm outside, but the soup still hit the spot!

I even got a nice car wash from my boy! Daddy helped, of course.

I loved having the twins out too!


My family completed a feat that I didn't think was possible - we ALL fit inside our minivan! I knew we had the space, but feared it would be too tight in the backseat. No one complained, so I'm assuming it was all good.

We were headed to my niece's first birthday party at the rec center in West Chicago. Such a nice place! I'm thinking about having Brayden's party there too.

Not a fan of your Wello, huh? (Photobombed by Breanne! Doesn't look like she's a fan either.)

Forming a tight bond with her big cousin! Can't wait to witness all these kiddos growing up together.

Weekly Goals:
  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. 
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. 
  • Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. 


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