Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Things We Love: MAM and Dr. Brown's Bottles

One of the things I wasn't expecting when I had my twins was that they would have anything that was "different". I always pictured everything would be matchy-matchy, just in different colors. They are TWINS, right?!?! The logical thing is to have them in the same things, I thought. What a big ol' dummy I was! LOL Almost nothing of theirs is matchy-matchy - from clothes, to swings, to bouncers and jungle gyms. Every single one is different. And, predictably, so are the bottles they use. My kitchen counters have been overrun with bottles, rings, caps, and nipples.

And, of course, they are different. Complete chaos to my systematic mind.

Lauryn loves the MAM bottles, which are the same ones we used when Brayden was a baby. We chose these for Brayden because they are supposed to prevent colic - and Brady was a cranky baby. The nipples are wider and flatter - and the bottles are really wide. Shorter and wider. But as much as she prefers these bottles, it's not like feeding times with her are easy. She is the HARDEST baby to feed. She will only drink if she REALLY wants it, and skips way more feedings than Peytie.
Perhaps a little preview to their 4 month post: I recently weighed myself at home without the babies and then again with the babies (separately, of course), and discovered that Peytie for the first time has surpassed Lauryn in weight. BY A LOT!!! Maybe she should stop skipping those feedings. :) We'll see if it stays that way by the time they see the doc.

Lauryn is also super picky about HOW she is fed. Cradling her like a "normal" baby is NOT an option. She is the BOSS in our household...and I am her minion. (Try to hold your chuckles till the end.) To feed Lauryn, this is what you have to do:

Step 1: Put on her bib - QUICKLY! She will go from zero to complete meltdown in 0.2 seconds if you take too long.

Step 2: Stand up.

Step 3: Hold her facing ourward (preferably in front of the TV so she's distracted) and get that bottle in her mouth.

Step 4: Start WALKING. Yes, Lauryn prefers for you to walk while she eats. And I, as her faithful minion, always oblige.

Peyton is so much easier to feed. He did not like the MAM bottles at all, but I think that was because he was so small when he was born and his mouth was so tiny. Those wide nipples just weren't going to work for my little champ. I heard good things about Dr. Browns bottles and knew that a few friends were using them so I gave them a try. These bottles are supposed to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. They are long, slim, and come with standard size nipples - and they are perfect for my little guy.
Peytie, unlike Lauryn is very easy to feed and I love how he looks at me while I cradle him to feed. It's great and he finishes fast but...

He eats every 3 hours.

And not 3 hours after he's done with his bottle, but three hours from the time that he starts. Even at night - which would explain the zombie-look I have been sporting for the last three months. Lauryn sleeps through the night most nights, but not my Peytie. Before I went back to work it was fine, but now that I'm back it's killing me!

So while I don't love how difficult Lauryn is to feed, or the fact that Peytie wakes up all night long - I DO love the bottles they both use. I actually like that they are different. My obsession with organization loves that I can separate and distinguish which bottles belong to each baby, so that suits me just fine.


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