Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Recap #19

With work and everything else that I've got going on, these weekly recap posts are quickly going to become more of a "my life in pictures" series. I'll add some color if something unusual or special goes on, but mostly you can just enjoy pics of the kids!

Monday - Early morning pics as I leave for work. Could you leave this cuteness behind???

Tuesday - Representin' dem Bears! (For a few days as you'll see in the pics. Don't judge!)


Happy hour after work. Ok, not really after work. Left work early so, technically, during work. There was a work event planned that got cancelled but we participated anyway. Love this Bub City place. Country music - which I love - and they have live acts sometimes, although not while I was there unfortunately. Aside from the cocktails I enjoyed, I also had their Pulled Pork Mac 'N Cheese which was surprisingly really good.


Thursday was a long-awaited night out with my girl, Kristen. My, my, my did we have some FUN. We had no clue that Porter's Pub has Karaoke Nights on Thursday and we got to see some very interesting folks, to say the least. I also finally tried my first Porter's Pub giant pretzel - that they got right on the SECOND try. Super yummy when it's done right.

Friday - Today I put away the twins' 0-3 month clothes. I can't believe how fast they got so big! I know I usually have GIANT babies, but with the twins being born so small, I naively thought they'd be smaller a lot longer. There goes some 3-6 month summer outfits I bought at resale! There's no way it will be warm enough for them to ever wear them. Luckily I'm still planning on going to TWO more resales this season so I've got to pick out some bigger summer items.

I had some fun taking pics of them in some 3-6 month outfits!


Look at how close Lauryn is to turning over. Everyday I think "Today is the day she's gonna do it!" and she gets so stinkin' close. I'm thinking within the next two weeks.

The happiest boy!

Want to see just how happy little Peytie is? He was LAUGHING on Saturday! For the first time. We caught some of it on video.

On Saturday, Brayden and I also stopped by The Dogfather Hot Dogs in Bartlett to support a fellow twin mom and her son, Jayden, who is battling leukemia. The restaurant was donating 20% of all sales that day to Jayden and his family. Sweet, right? I also picked up a bunch of bracelets to show my support. I loved sharing that moment with Brayden. It was a good way to start a conversation with him about kids that are sick, and how we should try do do whatever we can to help. We talked about lots of ways you could help someone that was sick and had an awesome dialogue about it.

Chillin' in our favorite spot by the window.

I made this week's recipe on Sunday, Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli, to go with some Honey Dijon Chicken Breasts. It was a big hit - and so easy!

Not very fitness-focused this week, but I had a conversation with my husband and realize that I need to start thinking about me a little more and making my health a priority. I think I've been so relaxed about it because, even though I am at my heaviest, this big ol' belly gave me a total of FOUR beautiful babies, so forgive me for embracing all of me at the moment.

Weekly Workouts:

None this week. :(

Weekly Goals:
  • Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. I tried, but only logged in half of the week.
  • Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. Sadly, no.
  • Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. Probably not.
Week two back at the office has exhausted me. So much for that reset. I need to figure out a plan that works with my life.

Keeping the same goals. I don't want to change them until I can hit them consecutively for 4 weeks.

Goal #1: Log calories everyday this week. Not only do I need to login, but I need to stay under my calorie goals.

Goal #2: Work out 3 times this week. My ultimate goal is to work out five days a week, but I'm starting off slow with just three times for a few weeks.

Goal #3: Drink at least 6 cups of water every day. I basically drink coffee all day long (I have to keep up with these twins!) Water is so important so I need to make sure I meet my daily goals.

I'll let you know if I completed any next week!


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