Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekly Recap #26

Better late than never, right? We have been really busy - and work is definitely taking a lot out of me. Most nights I just need to get some rest and I don't even logon to the computer. Last week was a fun one. We went on our first little road trip with the twins - AND WE SURVIVED!!! The trip was awesome. I'll try to make that its own post. I've got so many to write though! Even if they are a month (or two!) late, I'll get them written. Here are a few pics from last week.


This is the only picture I took on Monday. :( We're leaving Saturday morning and I was freaking out because I knew we had A LOT of baby gear to bring. I did fit it all in the car, but we will likely have to purchase this in the future.


I LOVE coming home to this face after work!


My view at 4am. Errrryday. WIDE AWAKE!


This girl really enjoys sitting in her Bumbo. All smiles!

And she still thinks this rattle is a lollipop.


Feelin' good at work on a Friday. Woot woot - the long weekend is here!

Gettin' ready for summer!


Snapped a pic of this pretty girl in the morning. ~LOVE~

Then it was off to Milwaukee! I took lots of pics this weekend, but I'll save them for another post.


Hotel chillin'!

I'm still keeping up with the diet and exercise plan, but have been a little lax with it. Can't wait for a new challenge to start on June 6th! Until next week!!!


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