Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Recap #27

So many good things going on with us. The twins turned 5-months-old on Monday, and we returned from our first road trip with them on Monday too. I can't wait to go on another one.I'm thinking St. Louis, Cleveland, or Cincinnati (after the gorilla incident at the zoo, we may hold off on that one for awhile). Those that know me know that I love to travel, and I have a few more trips in my for the next year. I'm still debating taking Brayden to Disney World again this fall, and in March I'll be taking Jazz to the Dominican Republic for her 18th birthday/high school graduation combo trip. Looking forward to ALL the travel in my future.

For now, here's how our week went.


Waking up in the hotel room. (This was before Brayden really realized that the babies were next to him. LOL)

5 months old!!! Princess Peach is already a little sassy.

The Milwaukee Zoo! Post still to come on our weekend in Milwaukee.

Approximately 30 seconds after we pulled out of the zoo parking lot.


Both babies were sleeping when I left for work. :(

We needed groceries so Brayden and I went to Sam's Club after dinner. We couldn't pass up a berry sundae!


So much love for these babies!

They LOVE playing in these jungle gyms. It's a daily activity for them.


Look at how different their skin tones are. Peytie doesn't look so dark, but compared to Lauryn, he's my little brown boy!

So I started a new job a few weeks ago and it's going GREAT. One of the things I love the most is all the FANTASTIC restaurants in the area. Mmmm...tacos!!!


Peytie is feeling so much better. His voice is starting to sound more like his ol' self.

Friday was also National Donut Day. Someone sent donuts to the office, so of course I had to participate!


 She is so pretty. I can't even!!!

Brayden and I hit the library to pick out some new books for the month.

My husband and I also headed to JC Penny to pick out some window coverings for the house. We got a total of FOUR different kinds. Our salesperson, Julie, was SO AWESOME. She really helped us pick out what we wanted and even agreed to come in tomorrow to ring us up because we would get a bigger discount. She was amazing. We picked out vertical fabric blinds for the patio door, cullular shades for our master bedroom, roman shades for my master bath, and faux wood blinds for the first floor. I CAN NOT WAIT for it all to be delivered!!!

I can't help posting pics of this pretty little lady. She is so photogenic.


Someone can afford to skip a few meals. #justsayin

Spent lots of time outside on Sunday too.

Look at all the weeds we pulled out of our front garden. YIKES! They grow like trees!

These flowers were from hanging baskets we had last year. The seeds must've blown all over, because now they are growing on the ground. They are so pretty, I don't want to get rid of them.

We also have this behemoth growing in our backyard garden. We don't think it's a weed, but I planted so much last year, that I have no idea what this could be. We're gonna leave it alone for a few more weeks to see if something edible starts growing.

Tomorrow I start a new weight loss challenge group and I can't wait to get back on track. I "treated myself" a few too many times this last week.


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