Friday, June 3, 2016

The Twins are Five Months Old!

The twins are FIVE months old!!!

We were out of town when they turned 5-months-old, and we were having such a good time, too. They were AWESOME to have on our little mini vacay.

What can I say about these two? They are the loves of my life (well, now I have four of them) and my life has changed completely because of them. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

They still are not eating any solid foods - doc wants to hold off until after 6 months. Lauryn might be ready sooner, but at the rate he's going, Peytie will have to wait till 8 months or something!

One thing *I* wish I did more is read to them. We have lots of books, but I never think about it. I definitely want to read more with them before bedtime.

Another thing - it's kinda gross, but I want to remember this in the years to come - they are both learning how to poop better. Up until recently, every single time they had to poop they would SCREAM. It hurt them SO BAD. I asked their doctor about it, and she assured me that, while difficult to watch, it was actually quite normal for premature babies. Instead of relaxing when they had to poop, they would clench up instead, causing them pain. Their brain needs to tell their behind to relax. Thankfully they are outgrowing it and have learned how to let it go. Literally.


My pretty girl! She is so lovely. My mom says she is really finkie twinkie, but I must be at work whenever she is. She always has the biggest smile on her face. She is also so curious. She turns on her belly all the time when we put her on her back, and loves looking around. She tries to pull her jungle gym down all the time too.

Feeding her can still be difficult, and it shows in her weight too. She feels loads lighter than Peytie. I did just start her on level 3 nipples on her bottles and she finishes her food so fast and is doing much better. I'm thinking she's probably been ready for them for awhile.

She is usually the first one up in the mornings too. 4am. FOUR in the morning!!! If I wasn't working I'd probably be a little ticked at that, but since I leave for work at 6:45am, it's nice to get to hang out for a bit before I go.

Lauryn is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, and sometimes even 9 month jammies. Now that she's eating more, though, she's gonna grow out of 6 month clothes soon.

Nicknames: Laurie Lou, Pretty Girl, Princess, Finkie Twinkie Girl (a totally made up word my dad used when we were kids and we still use to this day)


Oh my heart, Peytie. He's had it pretty rough so far, but he is thriving. If you can believe it, he STILL has that croupy cough, but he is getting better. His voice isn't sounding so strained so he's doing a lot more baby talk. Through it all, though, he's been a pretty happy boy.

He is MUCH bigger than Lauryn now. MUCH. He feels so heavy next to her! He has outgrown size 6 month clothes a couple of weeks ago, and is filling out 9 month clothes nicely.

One thing I am worried about with Peytie is the fact that he still isn't rolling over. Lauryn has been doing it for FOUR weeks already! I can also tell that his strength is really lacking. I call him "Bobblehead" sometimes because he is still a little wobbly like a newborn. At 5 months old, I know that's not good. I mentioned it to the doctor last month and all she said was that we'll keep an eye on it. I see some OT in our future, unfortunately. Since birth, my little runt has been a fighter and has already come so far. I'm confident that he'll be just fine.

Nicknames (lots of them): Peytie, Peytie Pie, Peyter, Tater Tot, Peytie P, Peyterater, Handsome Boy, Smiley Boy, Pitter Patter Peyter, Pitter Patter Peyterater, Bub, Bubba, Bubbawub, Bubbawubba

Baby Milestones

I'm having a hard time locating milestones for 5 months old. Most websites jump to 6 month milestones so I'll just wait till then to see where they both stand. Let's hope Peytie gets a little bit stronger!


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