Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Recap #3

This was another pretty busy week for me. (Aren't they all pretty much busy, though?!?!) For one thing, I sent out my Christmas cards this week - finally! Isn't my boy a cutie? He looks a little misplaced in a tank top and shorts with Santa. The picture was taken on our Labor Day weekend trip in Pigeon Forge, TN.

On Tuesday, my book club friends...well, that sounds cheap. They are definitely more than book club friends, they are simply, friends. We had our annual "fancy" year-end book club dinner at a restaurant. This year we went to Francesca's Campagna in West Dundee, and for a Tuesday night, this place was PACKED! We closed the place down, though, and were the very last table to leave. Typical.

My kids got their first Christmas gifts delivered in the mail from my Aunt & Uncle. They were both excited to get to open something before Christmas. My son got some cool new BOOKS! (We absolutely love books in this house.)

On Friday I had my last specialist appointment (for high risk pregnancy), and another NST. Both appointments went GREAT! I learned that my babies are getting huge! Baby girl is almost 6 pounds, and baby boy is 5.5 just 33 weeks! These are going to be some massive twins!

Saturday was another fun day. There was a kids' Christmas party hosted by one of the twin clubs I'm a member of. We did crafts, had a nice lunch, and got a visit from Santa! Brayden loved it! I had to buy him a gift so I bought the Eye Found It Journey Through Time Edition game (since he has the Disney Edition and plays it often), and he was so excited. He said, "I forgot to put this on my list but I really wanted it! How did Santa know?!?!" That Santa is super-intuitive, isn't he? Lol. Here are the kids posing with Santa.

Then, later that day I accompanied my husband to see the new Star Wars movie. Full disclosure: I have never watched any Star Wars anything prior to that day. I'm just really not into that stuff. My husband, on the other hand, is a huge fan and I would've felt really bad if he went to the movies by himself to watch it. So, I saw it with him...and it wasn't completely horrible. I got through the whole movie and it was pretty good.

Sunday was pretty low-key. I got the remainder of my grocery shopping done. My fridge is full but it's going to be so hard to tell the kids they can't eat any of it because it's mostly ingredients we need for Christmas dinner! I also got a much-needed mani/pedi with one of my very good friends, Kristin! It was a really good week.

On to goal setting! These were my goals from last week.
  • Goal #1: Eliminate soda for 1 week. This week I really did it. Not one drop of soda. Woo hoo!
  • Goal #2: Pack hospital bag. For the most part, YES! The only things I'm missing are the things I use everyday and can't pack up anyway.
  • Goal #3: Finalize Christmas menu. Done! As a bonus, I even purchased all the ingredients this week.
  • Goal #4: Purchase items needed for twin club kids Christmas party. Yep. I had to buy a gift for my son that costs less then $15 (the Eye Found It game), plus bring along a garden salad to share. Done - and the party was really fun!
  • Goal #5: Make it into the office 1 day this week. I made it in on Wednesday for a meeting - yay! There were a few gifts waiting for me at my desk so I'm really glad I went. :)
Pretty good, huh? These are the goals I hope to tackle this week.

Goal #1: Eliminate soda for 1 more week. Can I do it two weeks in a row - with this being Christmas week? I'm making a raspberry punch with ginger ale so I don't know about that, but we'll see!

Goal #2: Take items for donation to Goodwill. I'm trying to clear out some stuff in my house and I have a ton of things already in bags that need to be donated - including sheets and blankets.

Goal #3: Spend 30 minutes organizing the basement. I started doing this a couple of weeks ago and made a lot of progress, then just stopped going down there. I'm sure I could get a lot more done in 30 minutes.

Goal #4: Wash baby bouncers and swings. One of the final prep items for before these babies arrive. I have swings, bouncers, and bassinets but they are either Brayden's old ones, or hand me downs. I just have to wash the material and we'll be good.

Goal #5: Have a Very Merry Christmas! This one should be a piece of cake!

Have a great week!


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