Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Recap #8

This week I tried to sleep (unsuccessfully, of course), and took care of my babies. There will likely be lots of weeks of this! We had our fair share of visitors, and it has been great catching up with everyone.

Monday was MLK Day, which meant no school for the kiddos. With me not having to go to work, all the days seem to blend together and it's hard for me to keep track of what day of the week it is. What I think is a Friday could actually be a Monday...which leads me to conclude that I would suck as a stay-at-home-mom. Lol. Today I also had to drive to Tony's Finer Foods to buy some ingredients for a blog post for my other blog. Getting out of the house is also a pain. Between pumping and feeding the kids, I only have a short window to get out of the door. I wanted to leave late morning/early afternoon, but I didn't actually get out until about 2pm. I did get to spend some time with Brayden making the dip since he loves to cook with me. Helpers just don't get cuter than this.
The jalapeno dip came out good too!
There was no meal train today so the house was free of visitors. It felt weird to not have someone come over. I may or may not have showered on Monday. I did, however, manage to snap a pic of both kids awake though.
Tuesday was a BIG day. The twins had their first full baths! Lauryn was totally fine and totally chill like she always is.
Peyton, not so much.

He screamed the entire time. He really doesn't like water on his body because he screams the same way when I'm just wiping him down with a wash cloth too. And changing his diaper. And when he's hungry. He's just my cranky little old man - and that's 100% ok with me.

Today was also Book Club! I decided to host because I really hate missing book club. It's serious business. The food, the friends, and oh yeah - the book discussion too. I love it. I look forward to book club every month. We also celebrated Kristin and Sarah this month since they'll both be having their babies in a few weeks. There had been a bout of baby fever in our group in 2015, and Kristin's and Sarah's babies will be the last to be born...until someone else makes an announcement, that is.
Some of my wonderful friends. I'll make sure I have friends pose next time. They were completely unaware that I was snapping a pic. Lol
I did make my recipe of the week this week, Cheesy Spinach Crescent Rolls for book club, but of course I forgot to take pic. They were GOOD though. Not a single roll was left.

Also today, for the first time, the twins spent time downstairs when my friends were here. We are always holed up in my room so it was nice to get a change of scenery.
On Wednesday my friend, Lisa, came over and brought soup, bread sticks, fruit salad, and cookies. So yummy! Today also marks the day that the twins are 3 weeks old!!! They are still pretty small, but I can tell that they're growing everyday. 
Today I didn't leave the house, but I did send my husband on a few hours' worth of errands. Pick up the twins' birth certificates, get an oil change, buy diapers, drop off a return at the UPS Store, and buy a new router at Best Buy. It's funny how I felt accomplished when he returned home, even though I did nothing. Lol 

On Thursday I took lots of pictures of the twins. Well, that doesn't really discern that day from any other day, but I was snapping photos all dayI think Peyton opens his eyes wider than he did before. And they are both just as cute as ever!
And Lauryn is just pretty as can be.
I take pictures everyday because I don't want to forget one minute of them as babies. When I think about my older kids, and the number of photos/videos I have of them, I fear it's not enough. There are chunks of time that I didn't record digitally and I've lost those moments forever. So there will be lots and lots of pictures of these two!

On Friday my brother AKA Uncle Mikey picked up Brayden for a movie night at their house. Aunt Manda dropped him off and stayed for awhile to visit with the babies. It was nice for my son to get out of the house again. He's still acting up a bit and I really think it's from being cooped up in the house all the time. Here are some kid pics from the day.

Peyton's Hand
On Saturday I made another new recipe, Cheesy Cast-Iron Skillet Scrambled Eggs. Spicy but good. I'm not crazy about goat cheese, but wanted to make the recipe the way it was intended. Next time, I promise I'll add mozzarella, not goat cheese.
I also completed one of my goal items today by cleaning out one of my kitchen cabinets. Check out all that bakeware that I never use!
My church's community group leader, Lydia, stopped by and brought over pulled pork sandwiches. They were so good! It makes me sad, though, because today marks the end of my meal train. Guess it's back to cooking! Here are the day's twin pics!
Peyton - My Heart!
Lauryn - Look at how much she moves when she sleeps!
On Sunday I went to take a 3-hour CPR class at the hospital. It was long, but I learned so much! I wanted to take a pic of the dummies we were working on, but of course I forgot. Boo!

Sunday was also my husband's birthday! I wish I could have done something more special for him, but after that long class I really didn't have too much time, and we've been super busy at home. I did get this delicious Eli's Cheesecake though!
And the daily twin pic!
I did a little better on the goals this week: 
  • Goal #1: Eliminate soda for 1 more week - this would be a whole month soda-free! YES! I really haven't craved soda lately so that's a good thing!
  • Goal #2: Make sure all Christmas decorations have been put away.  YES! I hosted Book Club on Tuesday so I made sure this was done before my friends arrived.
  • Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. Not quite. I got rid of some of the trash down there, but that didn't take me 30 minutes. :(
  • Goal #4: Organize one kitchen cabinet. YES! Bakeware is outta there!
  • Goal #5: Get an oil change.  YES! I sent my husband to run errands on Wednesday so he took care of this for me. As a bonus, he also filled up my gas tank!
Almost made it 5 for 5 this week! Here are some goals for this week.

Goal #1: Eliminate soda for 1 more week - this would be 5 weeks soda-free! I can probably remove this after another few weeks. I crave it sometimes, but I'm better off without.

Goal #2: Send requests to 10 baby companies. There's a great list I found online (and added to, of course) of companies that offer free products and discounts to parents of multiples. I called a few with some success, but some require copies of birth certificates. Let's see what I get back in the mail!

Goal #3: Spend 30 more minutes organizing the basement. Last week I didn't spend too much time in the basement, but I hope to up it this week.

Goal #4: Organize one more kitchen cabinet. There's a pots and pans cabinet I can't wait to tackle this week.

Goal #5: Clean off a few toys for the twins. I have a ton of toys from when my son was a baby that are just waiting to be wiped down. They can't play with them just yet, but it might be nice to look at something new.

Goal #6: Go through about 4 weeks worth of coupons. I have had no time to clip my coupons, and I have to be better about saving money. Right now, if I want something for the kids, I buy it, without even checking the bank account. I need to utilize my coupons better.

I'll let you know how it went next week!


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